SHEDDERS, by Heather Bolstler

The story of how 6 urban revolutionaries rewrote the manual on retirement

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The Shedders are six friends who set about creating a community where we could retire together, share interests and provide support for one another. We’ve done it, and in the process we’re finding a healthier and more invigorating way of ageing.

This blog explores the mix of fun, social awareness and passion that it takes to make a real community.

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This is my true account of how six friends in our fifties and sixties confronted the process of growing old. Retirement was looming and none of us wanted the normal pathways to isolation and introversion: an affordable flat with a spouse and a television, a gated retirement community, or a granny flat with the relatives. Studies showed that people who are active, engaged, and keep learning live longer, contribute more and feel more fulfilled. We wanted that.

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Shedders, the Book

Shedders the book, by Heather Bolstler

Click here to get it at Amazon for only $3.04!

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